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From the Eastern end of the world, Francine Dee ascended to stardom and became world renowned status for her appearances in import tuner automotive magazines and shows. Born in Hong Kong, Francine parents moved to the Phillipines and then relocated again to Orange County, California when she was in her teens. She first appeared on the cover of Oriental Dolls magazine, and shortly after she had her first breast augmentation. She worked as an exotic dancer in both Bare Elegance and in various places in Las Vegas. She was introduced into the racing car scene in 1998 and has been a recurrent model in the hot-rod and street racer scene. This paved her way to grace the pages of Playboy Special Edition several times. She also played a part in Blind Date, a reality television dating series.
Now, what would be the best way to enjoy her exotic look and deliciously big breasts? We came up with the perfect idea, and have brought in some more models for you here. Francine Dee doesn’t like to play alone, so she had a couple of her naughty friends join in on the fun. You can always expect the best kind of sexy desktop wallpapers together with Francine and sensual beauties Mandy Michelle and Tifannie.

When their high quality pictures meet the expertise of our design wizards, you can always count on impressive desktop patterns for your computer. Let us show you the real meaning of "Oriental delight" in multiple resolutions and formats. We offer you big value for free, no strings attached. I bet you can't find a better deal anywhere else!

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