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It is a little known fact that Pamela Anderson's first taste of fame was at the earliest age, since she was the first baby born on Canada's Centennial Day. But we can all assume that this sexy actress, model and author was definitely born under a lucky star. After working for some time as a fitness instructor, she landed a modeling contract with the brewing company Labatt in 1989. A few months later, she appeared in Playboy magazine's cover, and has been a recurring playmate ever since. After moving to Los Angeles, Pamela adopted her now famous provocative look and started working on a minor role in the sitcom Home Improvement. But it wouldn't be long until she got her most famous role as a drop-dead gorgeous lifeguard in Baywatch.
This blonde’s ambition knows no limits, but right now we focus on those attributes that have remained the same throughout Pam’s sexy career, and deliver you some of those sexy pictures that have made of Pam the ultimate icon of a Blonde Bombshell. She starred as the main character of her own show, V.I.P, which lasted four seasons in spite of the criticism, and even provided the voice for an animated series by Stan Lee, Stripperella.

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