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What do all this beauties have in common? You may be asking yourself this same question but, apart from the sexiness dripping from these women’s bodies, you can see that today we have going a bit of an “exotic sex-appeal day”. Featuring the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Lisa Maria Scott and Ali Landry, you will see that the foreign blood running through these women’s bodies is a lethal combination made in genetic heaven.
Ali Landry has a killer Spanish and French descent that have made her a fixture in People, FHM and Stuff Magazines “Hottest Women” lists. As for Ms. Scott, she has a Japanese descent that makes for a refreshing look along a sea of plastic ladies. Alongside Ali Landry and Lisa Marie Scott, Jessica Alba bring in a triple combination of Danish, French and Mexican blood that will make your jaw drop instantaneously. Last but never least we present the ultimate Latina: J.Lo. Is there any kind of talent we haven't seen made flesh in the beautiful "J.Lo"? Born to Puerto Rican parents in South Bronx, New York, Lopez started her career from down below and ended up the richest Latin American in Hollywood and one of the "100 most influential Hispanics", according to People en Espanol. From her beginnings as a promising and independent dancer and singer at the age of 19, Jennifer has been (and continues to be, mostly) an actress, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer. Females look up to her as a role model, being an independent and successful woman, proud of her heritage and always involved in women's rights movements.

And for your viewing pleasure, desktop wallpapers is proud to present our new high quality wallpapers featuring this incredible babe. Now you can have Landry, Scott, Alba and J.Lo spice up your desktop for free. Now that's what we call caliente!

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