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Wallpapers V18 - Cristina Milian, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kiera Knight, Monica Bellucci is proud to present yet another set of classy wallpaper girls.Another selection of hi rez pics from today’s hottest artists! This very special update features a hot young musical sensation, a member of young Hollywood’s elite, one of our favorite America’s Sweethearts, and an Italian bombshell in all their sexy splendor.
Enjoy the beauty of Christina Milian, the petite 26-year-old is a force to be reckon with. Not only does she possess an extraordinary figure, but she is also a singer, dancer, and actress, talk about a triple threat. Christina poses especially for you along with Jennifer Love Hewitt; you might know her from the hit show Party of Five, or more recently from Ghost Whisperer. Her sweet and innocent charm cannot take away from the fact that she has a body to die for, and the most fantastic chest in the business.

These hot and unique pictures, together with our amazing artwork are the perfect cure for a dying screen. If you don’t believe us, imagine losing yourself into Kiera Knightley’s eyes and basking in her out-of-this-world sensuality. Her luscious lips and toned body will make your jaw drop. To cap it off we have Italian acting Goddess Monica Belucci; there is little we can say about this woman, except for the fact that time will hold still once you see her sensual body and exceptional curves gracing your computer. These hot High Quality designs are bound to be in your mind for hours on end. Your desktop is hungry for some babe action, are you man enough to feed the beast?

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