Desktop Wallpapers - Jessica Alba, Tera Patrick

Born to a Thai mother and an American father, Tera Patrick blossomed into a beautiful teen that caught the eye of talent scouts. She was soon to become a fashion model and, after going back to school to get her degree in Microbiology, she explored the nude scene and graced some centerfolds and pinups before she redefined the adult entertainment industry with her exotic looks. offers you some high quality pictures of lovely Tera Patrick, accompanied bi some her her equally sexy celebrity friends.
A Baywatch babe follows in this hot selection of pics; Pamela Anderson is a name known to all of us, she represents the image of a ditzy blonde with a killer rack. Pamela and her memorable red bathing suit have given us some of the best times we can remember in front of a TV. Her infamous sex tape alongside her then husband Tommy Lee has also given us plenty of quality material to endure lonely nights. With these moments in mind, you will understand how this woman could not be missing from our pic selection this time around.

To rap it off, we find two of the most gorgeous – and hard working - women in entertainment. These dark skinned beauties have a profession in common, along with an out of this world beauty that leaves us helpless to their charms. Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, actresses of movie like “Monters Ball” (which earned Berry a 2002 Oscar), X-Men and James Bond for Halle; and “Good Luck Chuck”, “Fantastic Four” for Alba. With one glimpse at these women, you’ll see that we have just created those perfect wallpapers you were just waiting for!

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