Desktop Wallpapers - Neriah Davis Playboy paymate desktop wallpapers

With a very humble origin, born in a natural commune in Northern California's Sierra Nevada Mountain, little did Neriah Davis know that the modeling world would receive her with open arms. At the age of 17, she left the commune and went to live in Los Angeles, where she did some modeling and acting work, including several swimwear magazines. She also landed her first minor roles in the movie industry. After doing some photo shoots with Dominic Petruzzi, she was offered to send some of her shots to Playboy and soon enough this sexy girl joined the other Playmates for some well deserved fame. Since being in Playboy, Neriah has been very busy with modeling and acting projects, including roles on Baywatch, Married with Children and Suddenly Susan, and was invited several times to her good friend Brooke Burke's show Wild On. She also maintains her own website from her home in Santa Monica, which he uses not only to promote herself in the digital age, but also provides links to her supermodel friends' sites and helps aspiring models gain notoriety.
So we all love Nariah and her natural beauty, and we wanted to give her exclusive pics a special treatment. This desktop wallpaper set features selected photos of Nariah wearing sensual lingerie and our own spices to stuff your eyes with unparalleled beauty. And, as always, it's absolutely free.

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