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Born in New York City to Dominican and Spanish parents, Justine Sands started as a skinny and self-conscious Latina that had always dreamed of being part of the fashion industry in a world that favored blonde hair and blue eyes. Nevertheless, she took a chance at nude modeling and discovered her true passion. Years later, she could be seen in the cover of RPM Magazine and Playboy TV. Her name is credited in many adult movies and she also has her own website, which she updates regularly in a "blogging" fashion. She also starred in several TV shows, including MTV The Grind, VH1 Summer Blowout and Playboy TV. But this sexy diva is not just a frivolous model; she manifests her love for animals as an active member of PETA and the ASPCA. She is also an aspiring photographer, still working hard to learn how the world looks on the other side of the lens. This very jovial babe is always willing to expand her horizons and speak her mind in every interview.
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