Big boobs sexy babe Claudia Verela free desktop wallpapers

Today we feature some outstanding 1920x1200 high rez pictures of hot American beauty Claudia Verela, of Maxim Magazine fame. Claudia’s exotic and refreshing looks have earned her a solid spot amongst the highest valued Latina models out there. The indescribably hot Haitian and Salvadorian blood mix in her have created an unstoppable force in the body of this bronze goddess. You can almost picture her under a waterfall with the water falling over her perfectly toned and proportioned figure.

Claudia describes herself as a petite and busty coy girl, but don’t let her shy attitude confuse you this Latin tornado born in sunny Florida is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill model. As a published journalist for the Miami Herald, she combines her modeling prowess with that of the written word. Her duality has intrigued many and earned her fans from all over the world, her big brown eyes, pouty lips and out of this world body will leave you too a believer in Claudia’s force. This babe will leave you speechless after looking at her face filled with pleasure from this sexy photoshoot we have prepped specially for you.

A fan for both leather and lace, Claudia is a passionate woman and will never deny you the pleasure of taking and admiring her sexy pictures, as you can see for yourself in this special wallpaper collection we’ve just cooked up for you. Enjoy these exclusive backgrounds combined with original artwork by our team of master designers and take Claudia to your desktop for free. And don't forget to check out our Free art magazine for more model delight.

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