WWF super star Candince Michelle free hd desktop wallpapers

Desktop-wallpapers.biz is back with another spectacular wallpapers design featuring one of the most popular WWE Divas of all time, Candice Michelle. These widescreen wallpapers of sexy Candice are in amazing 2560x1600 resolution. Candice’s European and Latin roots give her an exotic aspect, along with a body that welcomes all sorts of sinful thoughts.

Growing up in Wisconsin, this sexy siren decided at age 16 that her calling was in modeling and acting, and later moved to L.A. to get her break. Since then she has appeared in family shows like 7th Heaven, Party of Five and Family Feud, to HBO’s “Hotel Erotica” and Plaboy TV’s “Totally Busted”. After spending years modeling and acting, Candice Michelle was hired by WWE in 2004. Her signature finishing move, Candywrapper, says plenty about a girl that will take you down without you ever wanting to stop her.

For all of you outside of the wrestling world, Candice is known as the Go Daddy Girl, performing in the company's hot yearly Super Bowl commercials. Throughout her career, she has been in car and bodybuilding magazines like Lowrider, FLEX and FM Concepts as a foot fetish model. She made her first Playboy appearance in June 2002, when she was named the CyberGirl of the Week; and as will more than likely happen to you watching these wallpapers, Playboy couldn’t get enough of her, inviting Candice to be the cover of their April 2006 issue. You can find these incredible high rez wallpaper designs of gorgeous model and wrestling Diva Candice Michelle exclusively at High Quality Desktop Wallpapers Website.

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