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Blue Fantasies seems a fitting name for Californian lingerie and swimsuit model Mandy Michelle. This hot babe loves the clear skies and hot summers of her hometown, whether she is modeling an exclusive designer bikini or skinny dipping in the streams. You will find that these high quality sensual wallpapers presented and specially designed by Personal Conversation will undoubtedly shift your fantasies from blue to a brazing red hot in just a couple of clicks.
The steamy Mandy loves California; it reflects her personal way of living, sunny personality, undeniable sex appeal, and a free-spirit that rules above all. This seductive daughter of a chef and teacher sure knows how to cook up some mean poses. She will leave you high and dry with the amazing curves she packs up in her petite frame. Her pouty lips and lean physique only add up to an already heaven made combination.

Mandy keeps her tight body in shape by doing mountain climbing, dancing and rollerblading. It is no wonder we picked this gorgeous, this is a natural choice to grace the pages of our steamiest wallpaper pics. When this girl is posted on your desktop, you will understand our wise decision in all of its glory. So turn your desktop in your own centerfold and enjoy the gorgeous Mandy Michelle in this never-before-seen artwork. This is a free deal that is meant to outlast every other pic on your background… this one will make history.

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